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With proper SEO, most companies will be able to have SEO as their sole source of advertising.

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By dominating search results for your specific keywords, you will eventually see a massive increase in revenue and ongoing return on investment.

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Once you are ranked for your keywords, only small amounts of effort will be needed to keep your spot in the search results. This is organic traffic that will never die down.

Have SEO for your Company Done the RIGHT Way.

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At Page Machines, our Miramar SEO experts are constantly monitoring your rankings, giving you assurance that you have chosen the right search engine optimization company to work with- so much so as to have peace of mind when putting your business in our hands. Search engine manipulation is not something many people know how to do correctly, which is why real SEO is so hard to come by. You don’t want to put the outcome of your internet presence in the hands of an uneducated SEO which will ultimately ruin your website and the possibility of you receiving any business from it; at Page Machines, we know how important it is to do everything the right way to avoid those instances.

Why Us?

Trying to find the best way to market your website can be a lot harder than you might think. In fact, some people will simply give up because of the challenges they face when trying to increase their rankings in search engines like Google. This is when you should hire a company like ours to carry out your search engine optimization- we won’t spam your site and ruin its credibility in Google’s eyes like many uneducated “SEOs” will often do! Although we are a Miramar SEO agency, we work with business all around the globe. Nothing is off-limits!


PHASE I: Analyze the Current Data

SEO and Brand Consulting: First we start by analyzing your website while looking for keywords you will eventually want to rank for. We then develop a customized SEO plan for your business to create the most efficiency while carrying out search engine optimization.

After the SEO Consulting section, we move onto brand consulting. We analyze the current online data of your brand and decide in which ways to proceed based on the desired brand positioning and target market.  This is an integral part of search engine optimization.

PHASE II: Ignite the Mission

We specialize in creating and maintaining a search engine-friendly website and brand.  We create your website tailored to your consumers as well as to Google, to create the correct amount of on-page SEO.

After these steps, you will now start to rank for your specific keywords, Guaranteed. Search engine optimization will pay off and you will soon see the revenue increases you have been dreaming of! We don’t do magic, but it is pretty close to it. With our SEO skills and what you have to offer, you can be sure to see your business skyrocket.


During Phase III is when you will feel that your on-page SEO is impeccable and getting clients to see your website will actually be exciting. Having a solid online presence will be sure to leave you feeling proud of yourself and your business.

Now you will see that search
engine optimization was the best investment you could have possibly made for your company. Now is when you will start to dominate the search results for your specific keywords!

Seeing the increase of revenue and customer volume will bring you peace of mind and motivation to keep growing your business. SEO is needed for every business, big or small, that wants to continue to grow. Search engine optimization is online real-estate that only keeps getting more expensive over time.

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